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Watch us on Nationwide 🇺🇦 🎥✨🇮🇪

Updated: Feb 21

Last night we featured on RTÉ's Nationwide to show how Irish people are continuing to respond to the crisis in Ukraine by opening their homes and hosting those displaced by the war.

Host Aileen and guests Tania, Vlad and Artem spoke with presenter Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh all about their experiences of hosting; the positives, the challenges and the hopes they all have for the future.

And from the HIH team, we had Angie explaining where everything started, Emily chatting through the matchmaking process and what it takes to become a host, and Oksana spoke about her personal experience leaving Ukraine and how it helps her when working with hosts and guests every day.

We're so incredibly proud of everyone involved. It's a really, really special episode. Nationwide is continuing to cover stories of Ukrainians in Ireland all this week. Make sure to tune in! ❤️

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