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Before They Arrive

Ask for help

Ask for Help

If you need support or advice:


  • Connect with any family or friends if you know they’ve hosted before and ask advice

  • Join the HIH Facebook Host Group and connect with other hosts 

  • Register for our online Host Support Sessions and Masterclasses here

  • Check if there are any local WhatsApp groups for hosts in your area or consider setting one up

  • Sign up to the HIH Host Mailing List - email us or sign up here

  • Ask for help but be specific about what you need: whether it’s furniture, bedding, transport, etc. 

  • Check if there are any Ukrainian community groups in your area; let them know you will be hosting

  • Our partner, The Open Community, provides some great Host Supports such as:


Donations for new Guests Arriving from Ukraine

If friends and neighbours want to donate, suggest some of the following items.

  • 2 pin plug adapters

  • Sanitary towels / tampons

  • Hot water bottles

  • Toothbrushes / toothpaste

  • Self care stuff

  • Chocolate

  • Cosy pyjamas and socks

  • Cash donations (or Revolut)

  • Tea

  • Food vouchers for or similar. 

  • Pre-loaded leap cards (travel on Dublin Bus free here)

  • SIM cards - some of the best options for SIM cards and monthly rates are with:

    • Eir Mobile offers a  €14.99 monthly fee with their Eir Mobile Connect plan

    • GoMo offers a €15 euro flat fee per month

    • 48 Mobile offers calls text and data for €12.99 a month

They’ll all send a SIM card by post within a few days.

  • Clothes - wait till your guests arrive till you see what size and what their needs are. Be specific or you will get bags of random stuff.

  • Pet food & stuff (if they have a pet)

  • Toys, puzzles, books – again, be specific or you will be overloaded!

If your guests are coming from another host or a state provided facility, they may already have a lot of the items listed here. If so, perhaps ask them if there are any specific items that they need.


You may like to keep a note of all donations if you can and let HIH or other hosts in the support group know if you received donations that you can’t use. We’ll do our best to find a home for it.


Remember that donations don’t need to be new or fancy. Clean, ironed, second hand stuff keeps things normal. One new gift is lovely but some guests find too many donations overwhelming.

Homehare Agreement

Homeshare Agreement

It’s still your home, you’re just sharing with some guests for a while. Remember that they won’t know all the little details about your house, so you’ll need to communicate up front.


It can be useful to write down notes about heating, water, electricity, how to use the washing machine / dishwasher, what day the bins go out and whether you have any preferences (shoes off inside, etc).


We recommend you print out a copy of our HIH Home Sharing Agreement so that you and your guests know where you stand. 


This Agreement is not a binding contract but based on our experience we recommend that you use this agreement as a good way to set out your relationship with your guest. It often helps avoid any misunderstandings down the line.

There are guidance agreements available for hosting in self-contained properties too. Download the DCEDIY template (English and Ukrainian) and amend to your needs. 



Ukrainians in Ireland under the Temporary Protection with full driving licences are allowed to drive in Ireland.

If your guests bring their car from Ukraine, there are certain vehicle importation rules they must follow, depending on how long they stay in Ireland.They can apply for a vehicle temporary exemption when they arrive. This means they do not have to pay vehicle tax. Contact Revenue for more information.

By law you must be insured to drive a Ukrainian car when using it on Irish roads. The Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (UA) has prepared a list of Ukrainian Insurance Providers that allows Ukrainian refugees to renew their insurance policies online and to get an International Insurance Green Card. You can find more information about this at 

If insuring Ukrainian drivers on an Irish car, Allianz and FBD are offering good rates to Ukrainians.



Insurance companies, including Allianz, AXA, FBD, Zurich, Liberty and Aviva are treating Ukrainians staying in Host homes as guests meaning that home insurance customers don’t have to inform their insurance company  that you are hosting.  Guests will be covered by your policy in the same way as any other guests staying in the home. If, after 12 months, any individuals or family are still living with you then you should inform your insurance company  when the policy is next due for renewal.

Local Support

Local Support Networks

People want to help you. Not everyone can host, but everyone can do something. The more engaged your support network / community is, the easier it will be for you as a host and your guests too. Having this support will enable them to  meet others and begin to create the network they’ll need to help them integrate, find work, etc. 


It’s a good idea to consider setting up a WhatsApp group or Broadcast list to update interested people on your guests’ progress and ask for anything that you need. A video message or voicenote can help others to understand your setup and to feel involved in helping your guests.


If you have a motivated network of friends and neighbours who want to help, some suggestions could be for them to: 

  • Deliver hot meals for the first couple of days (you won’t be able to do it every night)

  • Respond to requests as they come up (a pint of milk or an adapter, when you can’t get to the shops)

  • Take someone for a walk in the locality, show them the shops

  • Find school spaces (see our HIH guidance document linked below)

  • Find club spaces (football, gymnastics, dance, etc.)

  • Help with finding jobs

  • Massage / yoga / restorative things for them to do locally

  • Write welcome notes

  • Register with Doctor / vet

  • Help to set up a bank account (Revolut / An Post)

There are many community support organisations around the country with resources to help hosts and their guests. Try to connect with your local Volunteer Centre or Family Resource Centre.

Translation Servic


This is where technology really helps us. HIH has some Ukrainian colleagues and we will do our best to help with any initial language issues. But there are some tools you can use from your phone or laptop: 


Native Ukrainian speakers - check out Ukrainian Action in Ireland



From 21 November 2022, if Ukrainians wish to bring a pet to Ireland, they must comply with all the requirements for pets entering Ireland from outside the EU/EEA. There are no longer special rules for people arriving from Ukraine or Russia.

If the pet is not fully compliant, it will be placed in quarantine at a charge of €15 per night and a further €25 transportation fee.


Further information in English, Ukrainian and Russian, can be found on the Department of Agriculture website 

Some vets who’ve been helpful to our hosts in Dublin:

  • Anicare Veterinary Group, 66 Malahide Rd, Clontarf, Dublin 3: +353 1 8330744

  • Botanic Veterinary Hospital, 183 Botanic Rd, Glasnevin, Co. Dublin: +353 1 837 5543 

  • Beechwood Vets, Dunville Ave, Ranelagh, Dublin 6: +353 1 491 2870

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