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After They Arrive

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What to do once your guests arrive

Once your guests have arrived, they will need some practical things in place to make their stay, particularly in the early stages, as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Again, focus on the big stuff. Make sure they have, or can access, their Temporary Protection Letters, PPSN numbers and medical cards. Once these are sorted, give them some time and space to pause. The likelihood is they have been through a lot and may need some time to adjust. There is no playbook on this, so use your judgement and move at their pace. 


Here are some things that they will need to put in place when, or soon after, they have arrived.

Temporary Protection

Temporary Protection Letters

The Department of Justice issues a Temporary Protection Letter to all displaced Ukrainians arriving into Ireland. This is the famous ‘Yellow Letter.’ Your guest should receive this upon arrival. If they don’t they can get one by visiting one of the three city centre Ukraine Support Centre hubs . If they have any difficulties they can email 

The Irish Government has now extended Temporary Protection for Ukrainians until 4 March 2025. No action is required by Ukrainians already in the state - their protection is automatically extended without any additional paperwork; they can re-enter Ireland with their current Temporary Protection Letters even if the printed date has expired. Confirmation of this extension is available on the Irish Immigration website and can be printed in English, Ukrainian or Russian for ease of reference.

If Ukrainians wish to travel out of Ireland briefly and return, they should print the Government's Travel Confirmation Notice

(see also Immigration FAQ here).

Department of Justice - guidance for Ukrainians Arriving in Ireland


PPS Numbers

Once Ukrainians have their Temporary Protection Letters, they can apply at their local Intreo offices around the country to request their PPS numbers which will be posted to their accommodation. Find your local centre here.


We’ve found that it’s helpful for hosts to accompany their guests to the local Intreo office if possible.

Your guest should bring:

  1. a signed letter from you the host, confirming you are hosting them and stating your address. 

  2. Proof of address of the host for the address stated in this letter (i.e. recent utility bill)

Paymets & Banking


AIB, An Post and Bank of Ireland are all offering free accounts to Ukrainians once they go into their local branch in person with their passports.


Revolut can be a simple alternative - step-by-step guide below:

  1. Download the Revolut mobile application.

  2. Click “Sign up” and provide the phone number you are currently using. It can be any phone number, including your Ukrainian phone number, as long as you can receive a text on this number.

  3. Select the country you are currently in as your country of residence, such as Poland or Slovakia.

  4. Provide your current address outside Ukraine, such as the address of the shelter, and fill out your personal information.

  5. Confirm your identity by selecting and uploading your Ukrainian passport or identity card, as these are the documents that allow Ukrainian refugees to open an account.

Paymets & Banking

How to Apply for the Government Accommodation Recognition Payment

Be sure to apply for the Government Accommodation Recognition Payment for hosts. 

It’s an easy process that requires the PPS numbers of you and your guests, as well as a MyGovID and takes just 15 minutes. You can create a MyGov account here


The initial payment was €400 per month but from December 2022 the payment increased to €800. It’s paid directly to your account, one month in arrears, on the second Tuesday of the month. It is not means tested and is tax free. It is not affected by guests contributing to utilities such as electricity or food. 


Remember that your guests may not be aware of the rising costs of energy in Ireland. Talk to them openly and honestly about sharing costs and bills. 


To cease payment, send an email to with your PPS number. 


If your guest leaves before 6 months, you will not be penalised or have to return the payment. So long as the intent was clear to host for 6 months, any payment received is yours.



Many Ukrainians have managed to find employment since arriving in Ireland. Below are some useful links to mentoring and support groups.

  • Going Far runs a program to support Ukrainian refugees to find employment in Ireland. 

  • The Irish Refugee Council has an employment support group, including a Women’s Employment Programme 

  • offers roles for those with farming experience.

  • Jobian is a popular job site among Ukrainians

  • Job Aid helps Ukrainians fleeing the war search for jobs in the EU

  • Effective Aid Ukraine - a scheme providing jobs and accommodation for individual Ukrainians (not families) with Temporary Protection in Ireland

  • BlueHope can be helpful for tech jobs and communities, especially for those displaced by war

  • Ukrainian-focused Facebook groups such as Helping Hand for Ukrainians and Ukrainians in Ireland sometimes provide info on job opportunities

  • Library Resources for Ukrainians around Ireland, now includes library books in Ukrainian and Russian languages for children. 

  • Ukrainian academics and students might find this guidance helpful

  • Ukraine Ireland Legal Alliance supports displaced legal professionals from Ukraine

  • Source desk space or co-working spaces from some of the offers on Pryvit

  • BITC Ukrainian Employment Programme is a FREE 2-module online training and education programme taught in Ukrainian that helps Ukrainians develop skills, look for work and integrate into Irish society.


Lawyers and Legal support

Most Ukrainian refugees are unlikely to require legal services. However, many may need information. The following small organisations do their best to provide  up-to-date relevant legal information:

  • Free Legal Aid from FLAC 

  • Every county has its own Law Centre for family law advice - find your local one here

  • Women's Aid - the helpline offers a translation service

  • Doras - based in Limerick and covering migrant support in the west of Ireland including, Clare, Galway, Limerick and Tipperary

  • Nasc - Based in Cork and covering the southwest including Cork, Kerry, Waterford

  • Immigrant Council of Ireland 

  • The Irish Refugee Council


Counselling & Trauma Supports

Safety is a priority in hosting. You and your guests are adapting and they will need time and space to heal from trauma. 


Everyone experiences trauma differently and deals with it differently and at different times. It can be challenging to see guests retreat to their bedrooms or not want to share their experience with Hosts. We can’t force others to seek help but we can signpost the available options:


Useful signposts and supports:

  • There is a network of HSE psychologists working with migrant populations and refugees who can provide advice and resources. Email

  • Therapists for Ukraine offer free therapy to Ukrainian people. It’s only 4 sessions per person and mostly in English. It’s an international service. 

  • Sane Ukraine offers online supports in Ukrainian daily.

  • Together / Razem offers trauma counselling and helpline ‘Call Tanya’, which offers psychological support for Ukrainians living in Ireland.

  • Childline has a support service for Ukrainian children (in Ukrainian)

  • SpunOut has information for Ukrainian young people arriving in Ireland

  • Psychotherapists from Kyiv give free counselling in Ukrainian

  • The World Health Organisation has a helpful guide called “Doing What Matters in Times of Stress” available in several languages 

  • Turn2Me offers up to 6 one-to-one counselling sessions to Ukrainians living in Ireland. 

  • Aware have a Ukrainian support group to network and get support with health concerns.

  • The Irish Red Cross now offer 10 free counselling sessions with therapists who can communicate via Ukrainian or Russian. Contact

  • MyMind is supported by the HSE to provide free counselling and psychotherapy sessions to Ukrainian refugees. Early booking is advised. 



We know that hosting can be a big ask. Make sure you don’t forget about yourself in the midst of it all. Don’t forget about your own family and loved ones: lean on them and ask for help when you need it. It’s important to help yourself first before helping others. 


  • Take breaks, get fresh air and healthy meals, try to stick to a routine that works for you

  • Tell your friends and colleagues that you’re hosting and accept their help

  • Review the Counselling and trauma supports section and links above. 

  • The Facebook group is a great resource to share your experiences with other hosts and to ask for help. 

  • It can be helpful to try and create some boundaries (see our video on boundaries here). 

Be kind to yourself. 


Boundaries can shift as you and your Guests live together and get to know each other, remember to continue to speak and communicate with your Guests.


Cultural Differences

As with many countries, there will of course be cultural differences between you and your Ukrainian guests. It’s best not to assume they understand how things work in Ireland. For example, we have found it can be helpful to have conversations early on with your guests about issues like:

  • Recycling - do you separate waste in your home? Explain clearly how this is done

  • Bin collections - if you’d like your guests to be aware of collection dates, tell them

  • Energy costs - let guests know of high costs / peak times and how best to use

  • Heating / Hot water - discuss how you usually heat / ventilate your home and the best way / times to heat water


A really important piece of advice to all Hosts is to not let things fester; if small issues are bothering you speak to your guests.



Ukrainians arriving in Ireland are entitled to healthcare services from the HSE including access to GPs, community care and hospital or emergency care. 


They can apply for a medical card (see the HSE webpage to select the special application form for Ukrainians in either English / Ukrainian / Russian - this doesn’t seek any financial information). 


We know that finding GPs to take on medical card patients can be a challenge all over the country; if three GPs turn down your guests, provide the names of these practices to by emailing or calling 0818-22-44-78. The HSE will assign them a local GP. While awaiting their permanent GP they are still entitled to free access to out of hours and emergency care. 


You can also contact HIH for advice regarding accessing non-emergency care for your guests by contacting Aideen via Whatsapp on 087-7903659.

Doctors and Dentists

Ukrainian nationals arriving in Ireland are entitled to health care services from the HSE including access to GPs, community care and hospital or emergency care. Ukrainian nationals can access the same health services as people who are already living here and can also apply for a medical card. The HSE is making arrangements for these services to be provided. In the meantime, there is a facility for Ukrainian patients to access GP care for free either via SafetyNet GP clinics, a number of GP clinics offering free care in the interim. 


If Ukrainian nationals attend private GP services they may (and most likely will) be charged. If you need information for free GP care while awaiting medical card please contact Aideen via Whatsapp on 087-7903659 and we can arrange linking to appropriate service.


Information about accessing health services is updated regularly on the HSE website and available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.


  • GP Tony Laffan has a clinic opposite Crumlin Children’s Hospital that is open to all. His business partner speaks Russian and is on site. Contact them at: Crumlin Medical Clinic, 1 Errigal Rd, D12 NV0A – Call (01) 4557260. 


  • Any children with medical needs on their way here (especially with a chronic condition like diabetes) please be aware that Children’s Health Ireland have a team, including Ukrainian doctors, to help so please contact Susan, paediatrician, in the Facebook Host Group directly.


  • FHC Polish Family Health Clinic in Dublin 7 offering free dental and medical assistance for children and adults arriving from Ukraine. Call 01 878 8471 / 085 102 4218 to book.

What about COVID-19?

If you have concerns, you can ask to see a potential guest’s Covid cert before you agree to host them, and we understand non-vaccination can be a dealbreaker for some Hosts. Remember that the choice to get vaccinated is up to each individual and we can only provide information.


Families & Education


Remember that all families parent differently. Hosting does not equal adopting! Your role is simply to support and signpost



We’ve got a separate Guide on Finding a School Place


The Government has a leaflet outlining a Parent’s Guide to Childcare in Ireland available in Ukrainian and Russian.

If Ukrainian children are continuing their education online in Ukraine, they must register with Tusla by emailing There is a legal requirement to register any child being schooled at home / online, as outlined by Tusla Education Support Service

If you are concerned about a child not having a school place for the coming year, please email or call 01 9020494


English Classes

There are loads of English classes for Ukrainians across the country: 


Speaking to Children about War

Never an easy topic, war is now front and centre when we host Ukrainians in our homes. Here are some resources we’ve found useful for talking about the war in Ukraine with our children: 




People arriving in Ireland having fled the war in Ukraine can now travel to their final destination for free on Expressway and Bus Éireann services. Aircoach is also free from airports.

They just need to show the driver
- Ukrainian ID
- or evidence of arrival in Ireland within the previous seven days, such as an airline booking email
- or confirmation from a coordinating group/charity

All travel information is available at and, covering 230 routes nationwide.


Discounted Goods & Services

Companies across Ireland are making welcome offers to people who have fled Ukraine. See Pryvit to check what’s on offer.



The incredible team at Art of Coffee opened PALYANYTSYA - a network of stores for displaced Ukrainians in Ireland, offering essential goods free of charge. Ukrainians should bring their passports / DIA documents to avail. 

Current locations:


  • Palyanytsya Arklow, Bridgwater Shopping Centre 

  • Palyanytsya Galway: Community Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Galway

  • Palyanytsya Cavan: Old Dublin Road, Tullamongan, Cavan

  • Palyanytsya Wicklow Town, Old Library Building 

  • Palyanytsya Carrick-on-Shannon: Carrick Retail Park, Sligo Road


Please let us know about any other shops in your area supporting Ukrainians (via the Facebook group or by emailing )



Going Far has launched a mentorship programme for women and non-binary people arriving from Ukraine to help them find work. The organisation is also looking for mentors to support the new arrivals.  


LGBT Ireland - provides support for or LGBTQI+ People Fleeing Ukraine 

They are supporting approximately 45 Ukrainians, with 15 hosted in homes and other newly arrived and waiting to be hosted. LGBT Ireland support adults from 21 years.

For younger people, they refer to BelongTo 

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