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Hosting Stories

Hear directly from Hosts and Guests about their experiences sharing a home and the many things they've learned about themselves and each other along the way.

Maura and Yuliia's Story

Maura started hosting Yuliia and Dmytro in June 2023. She is retired and lives alone, having raised 5 children. Maura had experience hosting mature students and decided to offer up her granny flat to Ukrainians in need of accommodation. Yuliia was living in state-provided accommodation in Athlone for a year sharing a small room with her mother and husband Dmytro before she decided to try and make the move into pledged accommodation. 

Read their full story here.

Maura and Yuliia with their matchmaker Lorraine at the Sligo Roadshow this year

Tetiana's Story 

Tetiana is from Kyiv in Ukraine. She came to Ireland at the end of March 2022. She lived in a hotel in Dublin for some time before being matched with her host Liz at the end of November that year. They were introduced to each other and Tetiana moved in a month later. Tetiana has her pet dog with her in Ireland, so it was important for her to find someone who loves animals. Liz and her son Daniel welcomed both Tetiana and her dog into their house with open arms.

Read her full story here.

Tetiana + Liz.jpeg

Tetiana with her host Liz and son Daniel

Yuliia's Story 

Yuliia arrived in Ireland in March 2022 with her two children, mom and sister. After experiencing bombing for two weeks, she decided she needed to move to safety. Yuliia, along with her family were living in a hotel in Dublin for two months before being moved to the outskirts of Portlaoise with no access to schools or transport. Eventually, she reached out to Helping Irish Hosts who managed to find her family a self-contained property in Killarney. Their host Shirley lives in Dublin and has supported them since the beginning of their stay.

Read her full story here.

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