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Understanding Trauma Masterclass Part 2

Hello Hosts, we hope your week has started off well! Did any of you join last month’s ‘Understanding Trauma’ Masterclass in collaboration with Accord? Part 2 is coming this Thursday evening, 30th of November at 6pm and is open to everyone, we hope to see you there!

Part 1 gave hosts an understanding of how to recognise trauma and how best to support their guests through it. You can watch the recording via the link below!

Part 2 will give you a more practical guide to look after your own well being and tips to support family relationships within host households. Register here:

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the session or topics you’d like the team to cover.

Our Host Support Drop In session is also on this Wednesday evening at 6pm if you want to chat or need support in other areas.

If you’d like to join on Wednesday or Thursday, all the information you need is here:

Have a good week!

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