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We're inviting candidates in the Local Elections to pledge their support for hosting

Updated: May 23

Two years have passed since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the beginning of the arrival of displaced Ukrainians seeking refuge here in Ireland.

Hosting has and continues to play a significant role in Ireland’s welcome, with 30% of all arrivals from Ukraine currently residing in pledged accommodation. More than 20,000 people have opened their hearts and homes, with lots of positive benefits for individuals and communities all over Ireland. This incredible effort has been resourced by the State and we are so proud to play our part alongside our Consortium partners and all members of the Ukraine Civil Society Forum. Recent research by Red C shows that two thirds of Irish people believe that Ireland should help migrants seeking protection from war, famine or persecution. 74% of Irish people believe in openness, welcome and compassion. That's the response that we want to cultivate and acknowledge with this pledge. We're inviting candidates for the local elections to pledge their support for Hosting as a crucial and sustainable part of Ireland's refugee welcome. Our pledge asks candidates to acknowledge the success of the existing hosting model, the largest in Europe, and to recognise the importance of supporting and sustaining the host response.

Local Councillors are best placed to understand what is happening in their communities and to work with Local Authorities and support organisations to spread information about the support services available to hosts and their Ukrainian guests.

We are asking candidates when they encounter hosts on the campaign trail to say a massive thank you and to help spread the word about the positive impacts of hosting.

As a local election candidate:

  • I recognise the importance of placing displaced Ukrainians in family homes across Ireland and supporting those families on their journey

  • I agree that the response from the Irish public has been phenomenal, with 30% (24,702) of all arrivals from Ukraine currently living in host homes and pledged accommodation

  • I note that the Irish taxpayer has saved an estimated €386m in accommodation costs per year through hosting (compared with state provided accommodation)

If elected to the council, I will:

  • Promote hosting as a sustainable model of accommodation for those fleeing war

  • Collaborate with Local Authorities and support organisations to resource hosts and guests in my locality

  • Where practicable, promote host support services to the local community

  • Where practicable, help to bring independently made matches into the wider support network, to provide greater support for these hosts

  • Work with the local community integration forum to bring events to my area that support the work of hosts

To sign the pledge, please contact:

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