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Join us in Kilkenny!💙💛

Hello Hosts,

We hope you’re getting on well! We’re paying a visit to celebrate YOU, our amazing Kilkenny Hosts!

We would love to invite you to an upcoming Host Roadshow event we're running with Kilkenny LEADER Partnership on Wednesday, 13th September at 7.00pm at The Fr. McGrath Centre in Kilkenny.

This is an event for current hosts to receive updates and support, and for anyone interested in hosting to find out what it's all about and get some honest answers - so bring along a family member or friend to learn more! Above all, this is a chance to connect with others hosting in your community and share information, stories and support.

The event is hosted by Kathy Sheridan (award-winning journalist with the Irish Times) and you'll hear from local host families and their Ukrainian guests, Helping Irish Hosts CEO Angie Gough, as well as expert local partners and support groups.

Find out all the details and register here. We would love to see you there!💙💛

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