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Moving On

Hosting is not meant to be forever!

We know a lot of our hosts have had guests since the start of the war. If you’ve reached the end of your hosting journey, thank you. You may be feeling guilty or uneasy about this but please don’t. What you have done is amazing. Hosting was never intended to be long-term; it was to give your guests a soft landing to help them find feet for their next steps. You have done that and more.


Below we have detailed some tips on how to help your guest to move on to the next stage of their journey.

The next stage of the journey

Set aside time to chat honestly - Hopefully you've been chatting openly since your guests first arrived but we know this topic can be daunting. Sit down together to hear each other's concerns and try to understand where you are each coming from. Remember that hosting in your home was never a long-term solution and we are all just helping each other to the next stage.


Look at the options together – can your guest ask other Ukrainian contacts for advice? Would they like to look for another host themselves on social media? Can they explore renting a home of their own? If yes, have they connected with local estate agents, groups and online rental websites? Don't be afraid to be realistic and remind guests of the housing crisis in Ireland to manage their expectations.


We understand there are many reasons why you may not be able to continue hosting. We'll always do our very best to find a new host for your guests if you follow our steps below to start the rematch process:

Our team will talk you through those tough conversations - Watch our video here!


Other Options

It’s worth contacting your local authority directly re onward hosting. We've had some good experiences of hosts contacting local authorities direct and being allocated follow-on properties that way. Google your local authority and Ukraine Response team to find out who to contact.

If your guests have searched high and low and haven’t found another place to live but still wish to leave your home, they can be added into the state process via IPAS and will be allocated accommodation that way. Contact IPAS Helpdesk for support at /

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